Single Implant Procedure

We reached out to Whitlow Dental Care in Fresno to find out more about what it takes to get a single dental implant. They said the entire process takes about three to six months and takes four to five steps to complete.

They said while every case is different, the cost of a single dental implant starts just over $2 thousand.

Here are the steps involved:

1) Tooth extraction
If the natural tooth has not yet been extracted, it will be removed.

2)- Implant Placement
Once the tooth is gone, the dental implant is precisely placed into the implant site. In some cases, bone grafting is needed to stabilize the implant. A temporary appliance may be used while the site heals if the area is visible when you smile.

3)- Healing Period
The bone around the implant should begin to grow and be fully integrated with the implant in approximately 6-8 weeks.

4)- Abutment & Crown Preparation
When your new dental implant is fully healed, a metal post ("abutment") that connects the crown to the implants will be placed. An impression will then be taken of the implant area and sent off to the lab to construct your new tooth ("crown").

5)- Crown Placement
After the crown is fabricated by the lab, the doctor will place the final abutment and crown in your mouth, completing your new smile.
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