New Clovis location for Skywalk Extreme Sports Arena will house largest America Ninja Warrior course

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- Serious athletes and active kids will have a new place to train, jump, and even parkour this winter. Brayden Bernsen, like you'd expect from any toddler, he loves jumping on the trampoline.

Julie Bernsen, Brayden's grandmother, said, "We came here Tuesday for the first time, and to say that he was happy was an understatement. Brayden jumped no more than six or seven hundred times."

When that trampoline is surrounded by swings and foam pits there's no doubt he's getting a workout.

"He took a two hour and ten-minute nap, and I know this would surprise you, but sometimes not everyone will take their nap easily for their granny," said Bernsen.

The Skywalk Extreme Sports Arena in Madera was the first facility opened by Circustrix. Five years later the company has expanded to more than 30 parks across the world and now they're coming back to upgrade their first facility.

"I've never been with a company that wants to expand so big, that wants to give something that people are asking for. People are asking for a new location, something bigger, and better, which is exactly what we're giving them," said Dora Chadbourne, Skywalk Extreme Sports Arena.

The old location off Highway 41 in Madera will stay open for private parties. The new location in Clovis, near Herndon and Peach, will be complete with the company's latest innovations. That includes what will be the largest America Ninja Warrior obstacle course.

"I have a five-year-old. He's actually been out here since he was 18 months-- two years. He's obsessed, he thinks he can be a little ninja warrior. He tries to do everything like the show," said Chadbourne.

The show, America Ninja Warrior, challenges competitors to complete tasks like the course at Skywalk Extreme Sports Arena on national television for a chance at a cash prize. Brayden's not quite ready for the ninja arena just yet but give him a few years and he'll be a winner.

Construction on the new building is expected to be complete by December and it'll be three times the size of the original structure.
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