Sleep consultant grows business in the Valley and across the world

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ocean waves from a sound machine help soothe 4-month-old baby Lainey Prieto to sleep.

"I think the first couple of months, it was just getting her on a schedule. Just to make sure she knew what to expect. Now I think it's all about sleeping through the night. Especially when you're trying to raise other kids and work. The sooner you can get back to sleep, the better," said Kristen Prieto of Fresno.

Prieto turned to local pediatric sleep consultant Natalie Fitzgerald for support.

"We help the baby learn that skill of self-soothing without the very common misconception of what sleep training is, which is the cry it out method. I always keep the tears to a minimum," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald has been sleep consulting for years.

She started her own business-Restored Sleep Consulting & Postpartum Care, based out of the Valley four years ago.

She saw the practice thrive as parents stayed home during the pandemic.

Recently, she helped a lot of moms and dads dealing with challenges around daylight saving time.

Fitzgerald says sleep is important for development.

One of her top tips is consistency. She also likes to take a closer look at feedings and schedules so she can get a full picture of a baby or toddler's day.

"As babies are well-rested, their parents are well-rested, and everyone in the family stays a lot happier," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald is also a postpartum doula.

She offers consulting and packages for families.

Mothers and babies can need care for months after an infant is born.

As for the Prieto family, they're resting much better these days.

"When she's the most well-rested, She's easy and sweet and couldn't be happier," Prieto said.

Making bedtime and nap time something to look forward to.

Because of the internet, Restored Sleep Consulting has been able to reach clients across the world.

So far, she's reached thousands of families.

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