Burglar caught on camera taking register, smashing doors at Small Cakes Bakery

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Caught on camera, a real life Christmas Grinch breaks into a Northwest Fresno bakery.

It's the busiest time of year for bakeries.

While Sukhi Nahal and Harpal Singh of Small Cakes Bakery would be focusing on making our holidays that much sweeter, they're watching their backs after showing up Saturday morning to find shattered glass and a missing register.

"No one really felt safe working at that time we just needed to go home and be with our families," Nahai said.

It was 3:30 a.m. on Saturday morning.

Surveillance video captures the moments a thief breaks into Small Cakes Bakery..

"He took a cover off a sewer and broke the window which unfortunately is double pained but not shatter proof," said Nahai.

After breaking in, you see the masked thief head to the register, empty their tip jar and head to the back where their children's Christmas presents were locked up. Unsuccessful in leaving with those he comes back and rips their POS system off the wall.

"Thousand bucks for that. That door was $500, that lower door is another $500 because its double paned," Singh said.

They're only business in the shopping center.

"He had started with the liquor store on the corner and they have sensors on the window so as soon as he touched the window the alarm went off," said Nahai.

"It's hard to establish a business do all this, following all the rules, and when someone comes in they don't care about property its pretty sad," said Singh.

The couple has been together more than 17 years and in business just a year and a half.

"To have that peace of mind shattered and knowing as a business owner we still have to go on because we have people counting on us,"

They say they're not letting this get them down.

They're already gearing up to fulfill holiday orders on what will be a busy Christmas Eve morning.

The couple says they're going to come back even stronger. Small Cakes Bakery is open on Monday.

The Singh donate all of the cupcakes they don't sell to local hospitals and they're already planning on donating to 130 families at Valley Children's for Christmas Eve.
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