Kings County invests in SmartWater to fight ag crimes

It's an anti-theft system that leaves a lasting trail.

SmartWater CSI - a forensic coding solution - is becoming a growing trend in deterring ag crimes.

One that Kings County hopes to be a part of.

"Since January of this year, we've had more than 32,000 gallons of diesel fuel stolen," says Sgt. Rod Shulman of the Kings County Sheriff's Office.

Shulman says they've made two arrests related to the fuel theft but the crime continues.

"They sell this fuel for pennies on the dollar, compared to what farmers spend for it and they sell it usually to shady truck stop operations."

This is why they hope to follow in Tulare, Madera and Butte counties' footsteps by investing in SmartWater.

Smart Water is invisible to the naked eye, so the criminals that have come into contact don't know until it's too late.

Just one drop leaves an invisible and unique mark that can last years.

Thieves can then be tracked to their crime with a unique mineral-based forensic signature.

in addition to vials of SmartWater, farmers would get signage to place on their equipment or in their shops.

"Deputies have been told criminals won't stop there. When they see the sign, they'll go to someone else down the road," says Shulman.

SmartWater can cost the county anywhere from $46,000 - $52,000 so they're fundraising and hoping for donations.
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