Officials investigating lewd video of students in Bakersfield classroom

BAKERSFIELD, California -- Many students at a Bakersfield high school are shocked by a video circulating around the school.

It allegedly shows two students engaged in sexual acts in a classroom while a teacher was present.

Kern County Sheriff's Office spokesperson Angela Monroe says they are looking into legal action.

"Any time that you forward materials, especially if it involves under age people, you can be guilty of distribution of child pornography," said Monroe.

North High student Evan Smith is mortified. Smith says he was in the classroom when two students were having oral sex.

He saw a classmate film it, then share the video through Snapchat and air drop.

"It was deleted very soon after, but not soon enough. It has spread to basically the entirety of the school already," said Smith.

Smith, as well as a parent off camera, said a substitute teacher was present when the incident happened.

"We were all too shocked to say anything. I certainly didn't want to say anything. How do you say that to a teacher?" said Smith.

The school district also confirmed the report saying police and parents were notified as soon as the video started circulating.

The students in the video as well as the classmate who uploaded it could all face charges.
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