Adventure Park's new splash park will be the only of its kind in Visalia

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Visalia Adventure Park is taking a new form.

It's noticeable from Highway 198. Work is currently underway on their newest addition -- Sequoia Springs. It will be the only splash park in all of Visalia.

"It is a place where the whole family will come, mom and dad can play on the structure, it will be a lot of fun," said CFO Luke Robinson. "There is a lot of interactive things; you can shoot each other with water guns and play with different interactives."

People can expect three big slides, water jets, lots of color and tons of water.

Situated 38 feet above the springs will be a huge bucket that holds 900 gallons of water.

About every 5 minutes it will tip over and splash guests.

"The city of Visalia's motto is the gateway to the sequoias, and so our theme around it is kind of a forest sequoia rustic ranger station," Robinson said.

They're also building an indoor lounge adjacent to the new area.

Adventure Park opened in 2004. It's known for its arcade games, mini golf, and other outdoor activities.

They've been talking about adding a splash zone for the last 10 years, and finally, at the beginning of this year, it started taking shape.

"The water slides have translucent bands in them, so when you go through them it looks like you are in hyper or warp speed," Robinson said.

The park is also about going green.

Water used at Sequoia Springs will drain into a storage tank to be treated and reused.

The idea goes hand in hand with their big solar project which provides 90 percent of the park's power.

They're hoping to have their splash zone completed by Memorial Day.
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