Attorney General Xavier Becerra addresses Valley problems

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- California's chief law enforcement officer, Xavier Becerra, was surrounded by local leaders Friday afternoon. The state's attorney general listened to the issues in the San Joaquin Valley from crime, to ICE targeting Valley residents.

One worry was regarding Fresno's agriculture and how our economy heavily relies on the industry. One councilmember says farmers and their employers are worried about I.C.E coming after them, something we've seen this week as I.C.E targeted businesses in the Valley for improperly documented workers.

"My office doesn't operate on speculation, I have to operate under the law, and based on facts. And so what we try to convey to people is if you understand your rights and responsibilities you'll know how to behave according to the law," Becerra said.

So during his visit to the Valley, Becerra says he's going to visit businesses and educate employers so people can understand their rights and how to protect their employees.

Saying it's one thing if I.C.E agents ask someone for their own social security number or drivers license information, but it's another if they ask for your employees.

"Common sense would say I can voluntarily give you what I have, I'm not sure if I should voluntarily give you somebody else's private information," Becerra said.

Chief Dyer's main concern is keeping his city safe, and asked Becerra how law enforcement can mitigate the negative impacts of weakened laws, like emptying prisons and letting offenders back on the streets.

"We see it frequently, individuals that should be in prison, that are out there in our streets victimizing people with criminal activity, armed with guns, we definitely need the help of the state not only the attorney generals office but also the legislature and the governor to give us the laws that we need in order to keep people safe," Dyer said.

Becerra says allowing low-level offenders to back into society could work if the commitment and resources are put into the community to allow those offenders to rehabilitate and reintegrate.
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