Baskets filled with donations to needy families handed out in South Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Baskets filled with much-needed items were handed out on Monday in the South Valley.

The baskets were part of a 25-year tradition to help the community. Family Healthcare Network fills the baskets and containers with toys, blankets, and food-- including fresh produce.

The donations will go to 77 families in Tulare and Kings County. It's a welcome gift during the holiday season. "I think it's complete and total joy. People come in, and many times, we'll sponsor families or special needs are met through the baskets and people are relieved and they enjoy what they get," said Kerry Hydash, CEO of Family Healthcare Network.

Family Healthcare Network said patients are nominated to receive the baskets.

The baskets are paid for using the Anita Fund. It's a fund employees donate to on a monthly basis.
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