Bay Area gas station owner offers free fuel for struggling federal workers

FREMONT, Calif. -- Some welcome news for unpaid federal workers in the East Bay who may be running on empty. A gas station owner in Fremont is offering free fuel for those struggling to make ends meet.

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Ray Olyaie is offering the deal at his Fremont Valero station on Mowry Ave. Free gas for federal workers who live in Fremont and are still not getting paid due to the government shutdown. He's posted signs about the offer near the pumps.

Jennifer Elsea was one of the first to accept the offer. She and her husband are both air traffic controllers who haven't been paid in over a month but are still on the job. They have four kids and bills and expenses have started to snowball.

"I was going to fill up today before I left home, that's $50 I don't have to spend-- amazing."

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Olayie puts no restrictions on his offer.

"You're welcome three times, four times, as many times!"

Olayie just hopes his gesture of goodwill will be contagious.

"I figure if I do it, maybe other gas stations will do the same thing."

If you have been affected by the government shutdown, and would like to share your story, you can do so here.

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