Beautification project for the Fresno High neighborhood revealed

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ampersand Ice Cream shop celebrated its second anniversary with an annual block party-- and a beautification project to benefit the community it calls home.

The Fresno High neighborhood is home to new and popular businesses, but the Echo and Weldon corridor never had trash cans-- something local businesses said they have needed.

"Being next to a high school it's part of the territory, so littering is just something that everybody kind of contributes to, so we're excited to have a place now where people can just quickly throw their trash away," said Amelia Bennett, Ampersand co-owner.

Councilwoman Esmerelda Soria said she is excited to see a rebirth of the Fresno High area, and has wanted to add amenities to keep up with the amount of people visiting the block. So with the help of sponsors, she has added three bike racks, two pet waste stations, and two trash cans-- but don't expect them to be eyesores.

"It's contributing in terms of beautifying and adding art. We know that art makes a place look much nicer so were trying to really increase that here in the neighborhood."

The trash can artwork was unveiled by Councilwoman Soria and Fresno High students, who made them out of mosaics, and say a lot of pride went into making them.

"It makes me feel really nice, especially because this area is really used by Fresno High students so there's a lot of people," said Abdul Azizalsaid, Fresno High student.

New waste stations might make it a little easier for dog walkers to pick up after their animals.

"It's an inviting neighborhood anyway, but I think keeping it even cleaner is going to be a huge plus," said Wesley Coles, resident.

Councilwoman Soria hopes the beautification project will bring more people to visit, and said they will continue to add more to enhance the neighborhood.
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