Big changes could be in store for California DMV

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Big changes could be in the near future for DMV customers.

In a 110 page report sent to lawmakers, the department outlines ways to address customer service, long wait times, better training and restructuring.

The report comes in response to recommendations made by Governor Newsom's strike team, but improvements won't come fast or cheap.

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Among the list a website re-vamp and chatbots to address customer complaints.

DMV wants to launch a $10 million marketing campaign to let people know which services you can do from home and what they need for the Real ID.

The DMV plans to purchase an additional 200 self-service kiosks before year's end and allow customers to use credit cards in field offices.

"It looks to me that we're patching up the old system and suggesting that's a fix," said Assemblyman Jim Patterson.

Given California is home to tech giants like Apple and Google, Patterson says he was expecting more of a 21st-century type approach.

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"Quick secure transactions dispersed into a lot of other locations with similar technology so people are free to use the DMV at the place and on their time schedule," he said.

Long lines and other horror stories have legislators calling for change.

"This DMV issue is now a bipartisan issue and quite frankly there are a lot of allies that are talking just as tough about the DMV as I have," Patterson said.
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