Christmas comes to Fresno family who lost everything in fire

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Central Fresno family is recovering from a major loss this holiday season. But thanks to a generous donation, they have a reason to celebrate Christmas after all.

Ebonia King and her mother, haven't had a reason lately to smile like this. "It just brought me to tears. Because you see this, but you never expect it to happen to you," said King. Just two days before Christmas, a fire ravaged Ebonia's home.

They believe it started from a space heater in the back bedroom. Everything from Christmas presents to clothing was destroyed. "It was an eye opener it brought things into perspective for me," said King.

On Wednesday, a tearful King salvaged what she could. For her breaking the news to her three young children that was the hardest. "They still believe in Santa. And Santa is not coming, you know-- they don't comprehend that. They don't understand that. So it's just going to be hard to explain this to them and see them sad and disappointed," said King.

But the Fresno community didn't want this tragedy to destroy their Christmas. Donations started pouring in and Toys for Tots in Fresno stepped up to help. "We had to step in. These guys need a Christmas. They've lost everything. This is the heart of toys for tots. You have to do it," said Virginia Cardinal of Toys for Tots.

Thanks to generous donors the organization bought the family an entire carload of toys. "I always tell everyone we can only give out what Fresno gives in. And this is what it's about," said Cardinal.

King and her boyfriend say they're so moved, that after they get back on their feet, they plan to get involved with Toys for Tots.

A Christmas surprise, that doesn't take the pain away but brings holiday cheer to a family that needs it.

If you would like to help the King's they have set up a GoFundMe page which you can find here.
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