Coarsegold girl getting ready for surgery that will make her smile

COARSEGOLD, Calif. (KFSN) -- We first brought you the story of Hannah Lockwood in May. Friends started a fund-raising campaign so the six-year-old girl could undergo surgery.

Hannah's operation has been scheduled for Monday giving everyone involved reason to smile.

You feel her happiness but Hannah Lockwood just wants to smile like everyone else. She was born with Moebius Syndrome so her face is partially paralyzed. But Monday in Beverly Hills Hannah will undergo surgery to put a smile on her face.

"It's a relatively simple procedure as they work to stretch the temporalis muscles down. They connect them to the corners of the mouth," said Kevin Lockwood, Hannah's father.

The sweet six-year-old has no problem interrupting summer playtime with her four siblings to visit another doctor.

"Are you looking forward to your surgery," asked our reporter.

"Yeah," said Hannah.

"What's going to happen afterward," our reporter asked.

"I will be able to smile," Hannah replied.

Hannah will need a few months to heal after the procedure.

"I'll be honest, I'm a little nervous. I can't imagine her face looking any different because we see the smile. We see her perfect little face," said Sarah Lockwood, Hannah's mother.

The Lockwood family is overwhelmed by the love and support shown by Coarsegold residents. A three-month drive to raise $36,000 for the operation exceeded the goal by ten grand. Kids sold buttons. Families held rummage sales.

"This community has blown us away. We have family that we didn't know we had," said Sarah.

"I think people connected with her plight. To not be able to smile, I think it hits in the heart for everyone," said Kevin.

People have also been sending Hannah gifts to play with during her recovery period. She has been busy writing thank you notes for a lot of generous people. The toys and games came from the Joni and Friends Camp for kids with disabilities.

The extra money raised will go for the family's hotel costs in Southern California and future medical bills.
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