Coronavirus crisis: Oklahoma couple streams wedding on Facebook Live amid virus pandemic

OWASSO, Okla. -- Life has been on hold these days while everyone is staying indoors protecting themselves from COVID-19.

The virus has pushed back many important public and personal dates for people around the globe.

However the shut-in has caused others like Oklahoma couple, Kathleen Hope and Steve St. John, to get creative with their big day, KTUL reported.

"To try to do it later in the year, we couldn't figure out that. Financially it was going to really impact us hard," Hope said.

Then a friend suggested that the couple have an alternative ceremony.

"They told us to do it in our living room from Facebook Live and it kind of grew from there," Hope said.

What was originally planned as a small ceremony for about 20 people, grew into something much bigger for the couple on their special day.

Hundreds of people ended up tuning in to Kathleen and Steve's ceremony online.

"Some of our friends shared it so it was on their feeds. We got to have a really big wedding and we didn't have to pay for it," Hope said.

Even though everyone was stuck in isolation, Hope said she believes the ceremony allowed the couple to become closer with each other and with their loved ones.

"That's one thing about being in this era with the Internet, Skype and Facebook. We did a Zoom reception last night with his kids," Hope said. "It kind of returns the stuff back to community."

Hope said it was a night they will never forget.