Couple poses for new wedding photos 38 years after theirs were lost in a fire

Jennifer and Timothy Bing were married in 1979, but they didn't have any professional photos to remember the day because they were burned in a fire.

It was particularly painful for Jennifer to lose the photos, as her father died just two weeks after her wedding.

"I was very upset," Jennifer told ABC News. "That meant I would not have one picture of him walking me down the aisle. No pictures."

So when the Maryland couple's anniversary came around this year, daughter Ashleigh Bing thought of a touching gift: new wedding photos.

"She has made a wish come true of mine that I thought would never happen," Jennifer said. "She's my favorite girlfriend in the whole wide world."

To pull off the sweet present, Ashleigh, who is a wedding photographer, pulled out all the stops. She rented sequin gowns for her mother and a tux for her father. She bought her mother a bouquet and had her make-up done. Then she spent three hours photographing them outside of the Washington National Cathedral and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C.

"I wanted them to have a really, really nice backdrop. They got married in a small community church in Maryland, which isn't that pretty," Ashleigh said. "If they had to wait 40 years for some real pictures, I figured let's make it something nice."

Jennifer said she not only loved the photos, she enjoyed starring in the photo shoot.

"One of my favorite parts was that she had made a playlist of all our favorite music, which included the music that played at our wedding," Jennifer said. "We felt like celebrities."
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