Family dealing with multiple tragedies in the last year now mourning death of father and son

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- On Saturday near Shaver Lake Todd and Brayden Byers slipped off a cliff and fell to their death. And with them, close friends said their family fell too.

"Lisa, his wife, they were 17 when they met. High school sweethearts you know, their dreams, everything was together," said Jennifer Combs, family friend.

Todd, 49, was an archaeologist and the sole provider for the family.

Young Brayden was just 14 and a freshman at Clovis High. His Thursdays were spent at Mountain View Community Church where he was deeply involved.

"Brayden-- he was someone special to us we spent a lot of time with him and got to watch him grow up," said Ken Wilkinson, Mountain View Community Church.

Friends said the Byers are extremely close, but were not without their struggles.

"Unfortunately, this last year has been exceptionally hard for the family. Just in this year alone they've lost their home, they had to move into Todd's mother's home," said Erik Petersen, family friends.

Not soon after Todd's mother had a stroke and now she's in a convalescent home. Then, one month ago, his daughter Mariah was involved in a serious hit and run accident.

"She's had multiple surgeries, so it was going to be a long stay at that but then an infection came in and so they're having to prolong that stay," said Petersen.

Now more than ever friends said the family needs financial assistance.

"That's why we're here. We're hoping that the community can come together and fill in the gaps," said Combs.

There is nothing that can fill the void of two loved ones, but at this point, friends say anything will help.

So there are several ways you can help the Byers family. Friends said Mountain View Community Church is taking meal donations.

There is also a GoFundMe account you can donate by click here.

They have also set up a meal plan for he family which you can find here.
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