Family of U.S. Marine say people have been urinating on his grave in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The family of a veteran buried in a Fresno cemetery brought his concerns to the city council on Thursday.

Marine Corporal Farrell Gilliam's brother says people have been urinating on his grave at Mountain View Cemetery.

The hallowed grounds at Mountain View and Belmont Memorial cemetery are supposed to be a place of peace for mourning families.

But recently, some like Daniel Lorante, say it's been anything but peaceful as it continues to be filled with trash and trespassers.

"Just seeing the continued desecration of graves out there, needles everywhere..." says Lorante.

Lorante says his brother was a Marine who came home from Afganistan with serious injuries. He later died.

Lorante visits his grave at Belmont Memorial where there are clear signs of disrespect.

"For an individual to be urinating on a US Marine's grave is completely unacceptable," he says.

The issue was brought up during Thursday's City council meeting.

City officials say their homeless task force is working to clean up the mess while continuing to tackle the ongoing homelessness issue.

"We are opening the first shelter on September 3rd and that'll be the first of the series of shelters," says Fresno council vice-president Miguel Arias.

Fresno Police say they've also been working closely with the cemetery property owners.

One of the remedies is to build a fence to keep transients out.

It's an ongoing battle, one Lorante and City officials plan to keep fighting.

"When I have kids, I'm staying here and graduating. I want them to see what awesome of an uncle they had," says Lorante.
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