Fresno Bully Rescue powered by donated solar

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- It's expensive keeping dogs cool in the summer.

But starting Monday, the Fresno Bully Rescue does not have to worry as much about their air conditioning bill.

Bland Solar donated a solar system valued at about $30,000 to the non-profit agency that rescues 40 different pit bull breeds.

The donation of 45 solar panels will dramatically cut their power bill by about $1,000 a month.

The Fresno Bully Rescue is also eligible to receive even more financial rewards from a program offered by the solar company.

Ty Simpson of Bland Solar said, "If we had a hundred people in the next year, or two years, or month, or whatever it might be, get solar from us, $500 from every single sale would go back to the Bully Rescue."

Ryan Boothe of Fresno Bully Rescue said, "For us, having a solar system is offsetting a pretty big expense that's reoccurring every single month, and that's going to free up money to spay and neuter other dogs, other projects, you name it, except for paying for power bills."

The Bully Rescue recently moved into a new three-acre location near Bethel and Belmont that's more accommodating for both the dogs and volunteers.
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