Fresno church makes documentary sharing stories from refugees in Lebanon

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Leaders from a Fresno church are sharing the messages of refugees. And now they hope Fresnans will help those fleeing from war-torn Syria.

For Syrians living in Lebanon, life is dismal. "There are a dozen plus people living in a tent. the tent is made out of wooden posts with a tarp over it and they're actually paying rent to live in those tents," said Northwest Church Communications Director Riley Endicott.

He traveled to refugee camps in October. He said for those living there, options are limited. "There's a lot of stories of family members being murdered. Of homes being stolen. Of people's property being destroyed," said Endicott.

He and leaders of Northwest Church went to Lebanon with a goal. "Our question was -- what can we do to help them where they're at right now," said Pastor Will Stoll.

Now they're showing video they took at several services this weekend. With some help from members of the congregation. It's where they'll talk about funding a mission partner -- who visits the camps once a month. "What our hope is to double down on that. we want to have someone there every day. to provide not only food for them but hope," said Stoll.

Their goal is not political. And leaders here don't know where the refugees should move from here. But from their journey, they say the message is clear, there's no place like home. "Every single one we spoke to, that was their number one hope that they could one day return to Syria and have a life there. Whatever that life was like, that's what they wanted to do," said Stoll.

The entire video will be shown at several services here at the Northwest Church this weekend. Anyone is invited to attend.
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