Fresno pastor pulls off stunning win on Wheel of Fortune

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Nicholas Pope is an avid viewer of Wheel of Fortune. The 37-year-old pastor was a ball of nerves as the game played out in front of family and friends.

Nick's wife, Katie, was a winner two years ago, cashing in on $50,000 in prizes-- the family was hopeful lightening would strike twice.

"I told him if you don't beat me he would never hear the end of it from all of his friends," said Katie.

The room was skeptical Nick could pull it off-- during the first two rounds the other two contestants never missed a letter. Nobody landed on bankrupt and Nicholas had no money.

Nick said, "I've not had a chance on the wheel, give me a chance on the wheel."

Call it divine intervention or just plain luck, but after a commercial break Nick's fortune began to change.

First Nick landed on the Wheel of Fortune Express Wedge-- he ended round three with $22,000. In the final round, he scored another $18,000-- then came the bonus round.

"We were so nervous in the audience, it was way more nerve wracking watching him then doing the show, I was like he's Tom Brady, we can do this, we can do this," said Katie.

Nick's $69,000 win put the family's total earnings at over a hundred thousand and the focus now-- on training the next generation.

"Our oldest who can read can solve puzzles, and even our five-year-old can name letters and our three-year-old can say there's 'S'-- so it's kinda fun," said Katie.

The family said they plan on taking a trip to Hawaii over the summer-- they also won a new car.

Nick plans to donate a portion of his winnings to charity.
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