Fresno second hand store helping others get back on their feet with a second chance

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Every piece of donated clothing and furniture at Neighborhood Thrift Store in Central Fresno is helping bring change.

Anthony Armour, one of the founders of Neighborhood Industries, said, "I knew Fresno had something special-- I love that you can show with a whisper in the city and still have a voice."

Armour said he has seen poverty in Fresno and wanted to make a change. He knows that life can be tough.

"We grew up in poverty. The son of a maid and janitor and I realized my brothers would go on vacations for these long stretches of time-- and I realized those were state vacations, were penitentiaries."

In 2008, Neighborhood Thrift was founded by three young men and a donation from the grant The Well.

"I think that 58-percent of the people that live in this zip code live under the poverty line. So we thought by redistributing items from people's garages across the city and making an equitable transaction for those in need would be great," said Armour.

Armour realized the people need needed jobs. So neighborhood industries started a social enterprise by training people from all walks of life. The Pathways to Employment Program gives people a paycheck and respect.

"Every manager and supervisor is the guide on this pathway. There's no better person to guide than a person that has walked it themselves."

Currently, the industry employs 33 people, but over the year has impacted hundreds of people. Armour said it is one of the ways people are changing their circumstances.

"Being able to see not just the person we employ, but seeing their family affected by that is probably the greatest thing I get to experience daily."

They are giving people second chances that are changing lives.
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