Fresno to roll out 20 new FAX buses for faster commutes across the city

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The bus system in Fresno is changing to accommodate riders in the modern age with a new push to help get people to and from their destinations more quickly.

New blue-striped Fresno-area express buses will soon be out of the bus yard and on city streets. It's all part of a new campaign called "FAX 15."

"It will run every 15 minutes," Gregory Barfield with the program said. "That new look is designed so you will quickly see that it is a FAX 15 bus. It's designed to get me from Point A to Point B much quicker, maybe to make a transfer or get to Fresno State or your connection at Fashion Fair or someplace else along the line."

Barfield is the assistant director of FAX. He says the push for the 20 new buses will allow for a bus stop every 15 minutes along Shaw and Cedar Avenues. It will run from 6 a.m. until 6 p.m. Other changes are also coming to the Manchester Transit area.

"We will soon be stopping service into Manchester beginning January 9 and rerouting service in and around so we can remodel," Barfield explained. "It's time to do a little cleaning there, so we can do a little remodeling. So, we can bring our customers into the 21st century."

While construction is underway for a couple of months, riders will have to get on the next stop. A new schedule guide will be posted next week. These improvements will be paid for with federal, state and local grants and changes within the department.

There are about one million rides on Fresno buses every year. The FAX 15 businesses will go out January 9. The city has hired 30 new employees to drive these vehicles and others to keep up with riders.
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