Gov. Gavin Newsom discusses new gun, ammunition laws taking effect July 1

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Aimed to make gun violence prevention a priority, background checks and approval from the Department of Justice will be required to buy ammunition in the state of California starting July 1.

Buyers would also pay a fee for each transaction.

The new requirements are part of Proposition 63, which was approved by California voters almost three years ago.

"If you don't have a Real ID, you have to provide the same kind of documentation that would otherwise be required of you at the DMV for a Real ID," said Governor Gavin Newsom.

In a press conference Tuesday, Governor Newsom, alongside gun safety advocates, detailed the new rules that would into effect. Those rules are aimed at preventing dangerous individuals with violent histories from accessing firearms and ammunition, something he says will ultimately save lives.

"A gun is not particularly dangerous a gun requires a dangerous component and that's ammunition," Newsom said.

Critics say the law will punish law-abiding gun owners and may have unintended consequences, including creating a black market for bullets bought out of state.

An attorney for the National Rifle Association released a statement saying in part the new requirements will create, "financial problems and friction when trying to make a simple ammunition purchase, and they will do nothing to stop access by criminals who have so many other ways to get ammunition,"

Proposition 63 also outlaws the posession of high capacity magazines, which is currently in litigation in the Ninth Circuit.

"Also gives courts and probation officers the opportunity to disarm persons who are prohibited due to their convictions at the time of their conviction not once we have to chase them through the state of California," said Attorney General Xavier Becerra.
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