Hanford teen using Legos to build a business

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A handful of Legos in her hand and Emily Corl is ready to create a new masterpiece.

" I pulled Legos out as a stress reliever from school and it just kind of grew into something more and more. I started doing life-size creations and realized how large I could do it," said Emily Corl.

Creations that include Wonder Woman, a fox, and even the ABC30 logo. She started Emily's Lego creations a year ago and goes out and builds Legos for parties and events. She has brought to life themes from My Little Pony to Harley Quinn and more.

"I've done princess themes. I even did a candy theme where I made pieces of candy out of Legos, like a giant gummy worm and a lollipop the size of a kids head," said Corl.

Emily found that her passion for legos was contagious, especially around kids.

"What I also do is I go and teach the kids how to build something so I interact with the kids and teach them building techniques. It's really cool to see their imaginations fly."

Momentum is growing for her business.

At One Eleven Cafe in Hanford, Emily has some of her pieces on display and has been hosting live builds, where people can watch her creations.

She's been inspired by her hometown landmarks.

"So I created superior dairy, I did the civic, the Bastille. It's a fun thing to do because it's recreating my childhood memories out of Legos."

Her ultimate dream is to become a master Lego builder. A dream that could take her around the world one block at a time.
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