Hundreds in Fresno join together to commemorate 104th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- April 24th is the Armenian Genocide Day of Remembrance.

"In Fresno, we know the importance of choosing to publicly commemorate this genocide when others choose to minimize or even worst to ignore it," said Mayor Lee Brand.

It started with a flag raising ceremony at city hall, reminding people to never forget the estimated 1.5 million Armenians killed.

"I think It's so important that we do this so that the perpetrators of genocide face judgment and condemnation and do not escape that," said attendee Arthur Hampar.

And at Fresno State, in front of the Armenian Genocide Monument, students held their own ceremony.

Many are still trying to wrap their mind around why the U.S. still has not recognized this as a genocide.

"I don't understand why it hasn't? We were just talking earlier that 49 out of 50 states recognize it," said Claire Kasaian. "I understand that they are not recognizing it because Turkey is the only Muslim country we somewhat have good relations with but it happened and over 1.5 million people died and they need to recognize it."

Despite the lack of national recognition, people will continue to come out each year.

For Hampar Wednesday brings him back to his cultural roots.

"They help me to remind me who I am and where my family came from and to inspire me to be more idealistic in my professional life and personal life to make society better and to know in life through faith and determination with God's help we can move forward in all our lives," he said.
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