Improving standards of living for families in Fresno

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A new social media campaign aims to improve the standards of living for families in Fresno.

From the outside some of the boarded up buildings may look uninhabitable but in a new video fair housing advocates share stories from tenants who live there.

Sergio Cortes created the video. He interviewed neighbors who live with problems including bug infestations, mold and no heat. Cortes says landlords who refuse to fix their properties are hurting people.

"It is not a healthy housing situation. It affects the family, the health level, the moral level and the economic level too," said Cortes

The city of Fresno cut code enforcement positions during the economic downturn. Del Estabrooke told us the department which used to have about 60 inspectors to check out bad buildings now has 18.

"It is pretty tough to be proactive. We are more reactionary right now," said Estabrooke.

Local leaders created a task force to deal with blighted neighborhoods

Cortes has created an online petition he hopes people will sign. His goal is to convince council members to implement harsher laws to punish landlords who do not comply with safe housing standards.

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