Latino Life: Artists that embrace their creative expression

Embracing creativity is a key theme in our public affairs show, Latino Life.

We've met some amazing visual and performing artists these past ten years.

Arte Americas in Downtown Fresno explores different mediums indoors, and every summer invites the community outdoors, to its Nights in the Plaza concert series.

We recently discovered the vivid works of 19-year-old Mikayla Gutierrez on Facebook and loved her passion and honesty.

"I want to make artwork that inspires people to be themselves," Gutierrez said.

In 2016, Fresno State opera singer Alejandra Tejeda impressed us with her beautiful voice.

Former tagger turned muralist Omar Huerta has a goal of creating one hundred murals.

You can see his work on buildings throughout Southeast and Central Fresno.

From saluting Selena to local veterans, his murals are turning heads.

"I'm doing the right thing, I'm going the right way about it," Huerta said.

For some, artistic expression comes naturally.

"Creativity is something that is born within us," said Lilia Chavez with the Fresno Arts Council.

For the Latino community as a whole art isn't just something you participate in sometimes, it's part of our daily life.

In 2012, we featured kids who were mastering the Mexican folk style of the huapango.

For more than 60 years, Latin artists have covered the song Malaguena Salerosa here in Fresno

Kids as young as 7-years-old perform it as well on their ukeleles.

Agustin Lira founded Teatro De La Tierra which offered children and young adults free music lessons.

"Communities are poor but that doesn't mean there isn't any talent or ability. music really heals the physical body as well as the soul," Lira said.

Proving opening doors to the arts can lead to a lifetime of creativity, culture, and community.
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