Local federal employees back to work, cautious of temporary reopening

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Workers have been notified they will be receiving back pay within the next few days. But some are still nervous since the current reopening of the government is, at this point, temporary.

Workers at the Internal Revenue Service are some who are back at work. Many government employees are being warned to handle their paychecks with care because of the temporary reopening.

It's been a long 35 days for a Fresno wife and mother, whose husband was a furloughed federal worker. He left work Monday anxious to get back to a job and career he loves.

"I am being optimistic about it, at least they will be receiving their back pay," she said. "He took a deep breath and he walked out the door again and said goodbye to me and the kids and off he went. I've talked to him a few times today and they are back into their routine.
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