Local Fresno restaurant chain hoping the community will help them help the Poverello House

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Construction is underway on the Poverello House's new and improved warehouse.

"To be able to pour the foundation, to start building our new warehouse-- it's huge, amazing. It just keeps us speechless to see all the blessings that are taking place at the Poverello House," said Cruz Avila, Poverello House Executive Director.

Avila said the organization has been trying to raise $2.5-million for its Raise the Roof Campaign. They recently got some help from the Fansler restaurant group in Fresno with The May Match Up Campaign.

"You know them being able to dine in restaurants and not a lot of folks have that opportunity, so why not give back?"

Yellow envelopes have been placed on tables at restaurants like Westwoods BBQ & Spice, Pismo's Coastal Grill, and Yosemite Ranch for customers to make donations.

"We're reminding them any dollar, we're matching everything. So you donate a dollar, it's two dollars," said Meghan Bates, West Woods BBQ & Spice Service Manager.

Bates said they have raised $19,000, but still need more to reach their $50,000 goal.

Owner Dave Fansler will match the donation.

"This is something we are very passionate about and we're really trying to get people to buy into it," said Bates.

Officials with the Poverello House said they still need 400,000 to reach their goal to fully pay for the warehouse. While the old space is just a memory, Avila said it is excited to see their dream become a reality.

"This used to be a warehouse, it was about 9,500 square foot warehouse but now it's being converted into a little over 19,000 square feet, fully state of the art, freezer, cooler. To be able to hold all of our dry goods, furniture, everything that we get in is going to be in this new warehouse."

All the donations from the May Match Up Campaign will go to the warehouse. It's expected to be completed sometime in October and help the Poverello House to feed hungry Valley families.
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