Many in the Valley celebrating the 4th on Millerton Lake

MILLERTON LAKE (KFSN) -- This holiday on Millerton Lake is the time to have fun and show the flag. For Kelly Laspade of Fresno, being on a boat on Millerton Lake with her dad is a great way to spend this holiday.

"This is the best part because you get to make new friends, you get to socialize, you get to people watch," said Kelli Laspade, Fresno.

With area rivers closed to boating and swimming, and Lost Lake Park shut down due to flooding, now Millerton is the closest place for Fresnans to cool off.

"The biggest problem we have is people not respecting the water with regard to their swimming ability. For novice swimmers we urge parents to come to the lifeguard stand and get a life jacket," said Mark De Leon, State Park Ranger.

The lake is crowded with boaters and jet skiers-- all kinds of ways to ride the waves and folks on shore are having a good time too.

"We are having a little get together swimming in the lake enjoying our Fourth of July," said Sylvia De La Rosa, Fresno.

The 4th of July is more than just a good time for Rosa, a Vietnam Veteran; it is a time to feel patriotic

"Veterans Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, it really gets me-- that's what it's all about. We're just happy this is a great country, it's not make America great again, we are great, we've been great, and I'm proud to be part of it."
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