My Big Fat Pinc Party

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- If you're a fan of Greek food and dancing, we've got the event for you.

It's the 8th Annual My Big Fat Pinc Party.

This weekend hundreds are expected to dance the night away at the the 8th Annual My Big Fat Pinc Party. The event benefits Feed Our Future to help the organization open a third school site.

The event goes hand in hand with Pinc's year round goal of helping other non profits within our community.

Founded in March 2014, Feed Our Future provides each child a bag of food containing 14 items for them to consume over the weekend, ranging from fruit cups to granola bars. Feed Our Future works in partnership with school administration, who identify the students who are "chronically food insecure." Those students are then enrolled in the Feed Our Future program.

My Big Fat Pinc Party
June 4th at the Sunnyside Country Club
Tickets available online at
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