Neighbors meet to learn how to identify, respond to domestic violence

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Residents of the West Shaw Estates community joined family and friends of Jose Duran Jr. coming together Sunday night to honor his memory. Duran was shot and killed last week when he intervened in a fight between his sister and her boyfriend.

It prompted residents to ask police for help. They are responding with a neighborhood watch workshop on dealing with domestic violence, with the first meeting taking place Monday evening.

Detective Justin Hoagland says the key is not to ignore it.

"That's the number one thing we encourage people. You never know what impact you may have on somebody's life," Hoagland said. "So if you see something, say something. Give us a call. Let us know."

Residents in the area have been dealing with all kinds of violence for years.

"Domestic violence, yeah a little bit. More gang though, more gang-related."

Most domestic violence occurs behind closed doors, and it's more common than we may think.

"One in four women will experience domestic violence in their lifetimes. and its one in 7 for males," Hoagland said.

The death of Jose Duran Jr. is prompting this meeting. He became a victim of domestic violence taking a bullet for his sister.

"Violence is always around the corner. We can never fully expect how someone is going to respond, especially in intimate partner violence," Hoagland said. "But again that's just another reason we encourage folks to give us a call, let us know when they think something's going on and let our officers and investigators do what they can to help."
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