Organization brings 'Compassion Experience' to Fresno to educate people about living in a developing country

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Compassion Experience at Fashion Fair Mall is bringing you the opportunity to step into the homes, markets, and schools of third world countries without getting on a plane.

Each interactive journey starts in extreme poverty but ends in hope-- all from the eyes of a child. Grow up with Olive from Uganda, Kiwi from the Philippines, and Jonathan from the Dominican Republic. Each a success story thanks to sponsors through Compassion International.

"It was like seeing someone like you but not really like you," said Volunteer Olyvia Stafford.

Mother-daughter duo Cassandra and Olyvia Stafford heard about the experience coming to the Valley and jumped at the chance to volunteer.

"I homeschool Olyvia and I thought this would be a good opportunity for her to experience children all over the world and see what they experience," said Cassandra.

"It was heartbreaking at times," said Olyvia.

After each experience, you can enter the world impact room where you can meet a child that you can sponsor and you can even become their pen pal.

"They're living without food, without safe drinking water, and compassion addresses all these issues," said Compassion Advocate Scott Trotter.

Trotter and the experience travel the US and parts of Canada to educate others on life in a developing country. Compassion International sponsors children from 25 countries in four continents.

"Compassion wants to get these children educated. Growing up in their countries so they can change things and that's how you change the world."

The Compassion Experience is at the Fashion Fair Mall through September 18th.
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