Parlier police officer's act of kindness catches on with community

PARLIER, Calif. (KFSN) -- It is a chance encounter that brought a community together.

Parlier Police Officer Jacob Aguilar was on patrol when he noticed 10-year-old Kevin Ramirez playing with a football by himself. So he stepped in for a game of catch.

"I just Wanted to show even if it's just Kevin that were here to help, were here to build that relationship with this community and I got a friend if nothing else," said Aguilar.

"I thought he was a good officer and maybe one day he could be my friend and that's exactly what happened the next time he visited me," said Ramirez.

While tossing the ball around Aguilar learned the young Steelers fan gets picked on for a condition that does not allow his hair to grow.

"It broke my heart, I mean, he's an awesome kid. He does his homework, he's got good grades."

So Aguilar and the department pitched in to get him a Steelers jersey for Christmas.

"The look on his face made it all worth it. He just had a huge smile."

The Parlier community got wind of the gesture on social media-- leading to an even bigger Christmas present Thursday morning. Ramirez knew he was coming to the Parlier Police Department to visit his new friend, but what he didn't know was how big the surprise inside would be.

Ramirez was overwhelmed by the turnout.

"Seeing that many people care about me-- that makes me feel grateful."

Frank Torres and his wife rallied their Fellow Steelers fans to make sure Ramirez feels the Parlier love.

"It blew my mind to see this kid going through what he was going through."

Torres was shopping for Steelers gloves at JR Sports when the owner found out. He said take whatever you think the family would want.

"We got to put a smile on his face and that was the goal, put a smile on that kid's face and his family."

Now that Ramirez is the proud recipient of community kindness, and more Steelers gear than he could imagine, there is only one thing left on his Christmas list.

"Meet Antonio Brown in person."
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