Prom bills stacking up? Here are a few tips to help keep the night under budget

From the promposal to the big night Prom costs a lot. In 2015, Visa did a survey which found the average American family spent over $900 on prom and prom-related things.

Here are a few tips to help you cut a few of those expenses down but keep you looking fierce:

- Consider vintage or consignment stores

Sometimes getting something last season or even last decade could add an extra bit of glam to your night. Websites such as TheRealReal or ModCloth could be just the thing to help save a few bucks but not sacrifice style.

- Consider buying over renting

When it comes to buying a tuxedo, buying may be the best option instead of renting. Buying will also save money down the road if you will wear the tux again.

- Don't fear off brands

When it comes to dresses, if it's a great price and is beautiful, go for it! It's likely no one is going to be checking the designer tag for a name brand.

- Borrow a dress

If you have a cousin or friend with a dress you love, consider asking to borrow it. It will give the dress a second chance at life and you the option of saving money!

- Online hair and makeup tutorials

Rather than spending the money on a full makeover considering looking for tutorials on Youtube. You can still look your best without the added expense.
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