Recent storm brings greener pastures for cattle ranchers in Reedley

REEDLEY, Calif. (KFSN) -- It hasn't taken long for the lush greenery to take over the scenic Flying Cows Ranch in Reedley.

The seed Nathan Pauls planted in December has sprouted and will provide feed for his Black Angus cattle the rest of the year.

"The grasses are growing good. We grow tri-mix. It's a mixture of wheat, barley and oats for our cattle that we raise," Pauls said.

Pauls raises grass-fed beef cattle.

It's early in the season but Nathan says the established crop should be enough to feed his animals and still leave leftover hay bales to provide feed for next year.

"Right now it looks good and if the rains continue it will be a good season and our cattle will be fat and happy," he said.

The hay his cattle has been chewing on comes from last year's harvest.

They'd love to graze on the new growth but this green field won't be harvested until the weather warms and the crops starts to brown.

Pauls relies on Mother Nature to grow his feed crop so drought years mean he has to go out and buy hay.

"Well if we don't have feed then our cows get skinny and they don't like being skinny," he said.

Ranchers like Nathan Pauls hope to see a little rain every few weeks so their feed crop doesn't dry out.
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