Taco Truck Throwdown organizers serve hot tacos to warm the hearts of Fresno's homeless

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Throughout the night Thursday, as the homeless tried to stay warm, a group of people stepped out of their comfort zone to make sure these men and women had something to eat.

The collaboration involving the Fresno Grizzlies, Taco Truck Throwdown,and El Premio Mayor took over several parts of Downtown Fresno. We followed them around, as they made their rounds cooking up hundreds of tacos for more than 200 people.

The plate of food given by the volunteers was Ken McNiel's first hot meal of the day. The generosity, he said, touched him.

"This time of the year just opens up people's hearts and it's a shame it's not like this every day of the year."

Food was not the only thing handed out, sweaters and blankets were also given to those in need.

"I've seen a lot of smiles tonight and it's rewarding," said Derek Franks, Grizzlies General Manager.

Event organizer Mike Oz came up with the idea, but he said it was a team of people who helped make it happen.

"Like El Premio Mayor, I was like, 'hey would you guys be interested in doing this,' and they were like, 'yeah,' and the Grizzlies of course, so everyone was on board right away."

An act of kindness given to people who are looking for a reason to smile and be happy during this holiday season.

The owner of El Premio Mayor has donated food to the Povarello House during the holidays before. But this was the first time he actually drove his truck around to feed the homeless.
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