Tulare County Church Pastor didn't report graffiti, but an Officer spotted it and decided to do something about it

The Pastor didn't report it because he didn't think there was anything that could be done about it.

The Church, La Roca Christian Church (12883 Ave 419 in Orosi), also didn't have the $900 needed to fix it and so the graffiti was just going to stay up on one of the church's walls. It had already been up for one week.

Well, Deputy Meza, a community based resource officer for the Tulare County Sheriff's Department happened to patrol the area on Tuesday when she saw three kids near the church. She detained two of them, but one managed to run off. As she spoke with the two she'd detained she noticed the graffiti at the church. It was determined the kids had nothing to do with the graffiti and all three of them were taken back to school.

Deputy Meza didn't stop there.

She contacted her supervisor about the graffiti. After gathering up paint and other materials they did what the church didn't think possible or affordable.

They cleaned the side wall up and made the community a little bit cleaner and brighter.
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