Valley urged to #LiveLikeMolly

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The family of Molly Griffin established "Molly Day" as a day to do something nice for someone else. The Valley nurse died in a car crash this year but Molly's selflessness has inspired many others.

Clovis Community College Student Success Director Gurdeep Hebert said, "She impacted so many lives with her kindness."

Students at Clovis CC enjoyed a nice surprise. They were welcomed with a meal for "Molly Day."

Patrick Stumpf explained, "It's very important to remember Molly for the person she was. She was a very, very kind person. So we decided to combine that with our new student welcome and so today we are feeding all new students."

#LiveLikeMolly encouraged random acts of kindness on a day Molly Griffin would have turned 24-years-old. Molly died in a car crash in February but this was a way to honor the former Clovis CC and Fresno State student.

Naomi Rabbi said, "She's been inspiring all of us around campus. She did everything out of the kindness of her heart and I think that's a huge inspiration to me."

A gift basket was also raffled off.

"Molly Day" will now become an annual celebration on campus.

Students and staff received buttons and did some very nice things for each other.

Hebert said, "We've got people leaving flowers in people's offices, notes, gift cards, opening doors, thank you-s. You can just kind of sense the love in the air which is nice."

The smallest act of kindness can go a long way. Some people paid for a stranger's lunch or coffee - even treats. Others helped out family and friends.

Stumpf said, "I had a co-worker come and give me a dog treat for my dog."

People shared their acts of kindness on a "Molly Day" Facebook page. Molly Griffin's family called it a wonderful way to keep her memory alive.

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