Visalia restaurant owner thanks strangers for helping when hit by bike

VISALIA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Visalia restaurant owner Alicia Cortes and her family are thankful this Christmas for strangers who came to her rescue when she was hit by a bike riding on the sidewalk. It happened earlier this month as she was walking to the Fox Theater box office to buy tickets for a concert. Strangers jumped into action, including restaurant workers from Quesadilla Gorilla who recognized her as the owner of Las Palmas restaurant four blocks away.

"My mom lost consciousness, customers, and staff from the restaurant and other bystanders came to her aid," said her son Michael Cortes. "One even came to Las Palmas to try to get hold of anyone from my family to share the news. My mom is Okay, don't know if anything happened to the bike rider."

Alicia has some bruises, but we're told they are healing nicely. Most of all, the family is grateful for the good samaritans who came to her rescue.

"To the customers and staff of Quesadilla Gorilla who came to my mom's aid after she was struck by a sidewalk bike rider in front of the Fox Theater Box Office - a sincere thank you!"
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