Volunteers knit for a good cause in Northwest Fresno

Several women braved the hot weather today to support Knitted Knockers, making yarn inserts for breast cancer survivors.

Saturday is worldwide "knit in public day," so Knitted Knockers volunteers spent the day outside Swatches in Northwest Fresno creating and raising awareness.

The women turn yards of yarn into inserts for breast cancer survivors who have undergone a mastectomy to wear instead of a prosthesis. The group has seen an overwhelming response from community members who want to help -- and those in need of the inserts.

"This past week I personally gave a recipient a pair of knitted knockers and she sent me an email last night just thinking me, letting me know how much it had changed her life," said Jennifer Taylor, Knitted Knockers of Central California.

The knit inserts take just five hours to complete, but the local chapter is the only one in California -- and it's getting requests from across the state.

Fresno Knitted Knockers Facebook Page
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