Waitress helped restore a little Christmas cheer for six Fresno women

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Six Fresno women learned they were being laid off just days before their mortgage company Christmas trip to Arizona.

Food and fellowship they figured would help them through a difficult period.

"So we huddled together. We clung to each other and said we'll make it. We'll be okay," said Linda Barnes.

They met at Huckleberries in Northeast Fresno but their waitress Rebecca did more than just write up their order on six separate checks.

"She came back later and said the tab had been taken care of and not to worry and enjoy our meal and best wishes."

It was an emotional moment. Not so much the money but the fact someone cared about their job loss.

"One person started tearing up and then the whole table lost it and then she lost it," said Rochelle Gonzalez.

The generous waitress does not want any attention. She works two jobs. Her boss Kari Mason says Rebecca has a good heart.

"Not surprised at all. She is the one of the sweetest, kindest people you could ever hope to meet," said Mason.

Judy Olivera was let go after 17 years with the company but once the women find new jobs they say they'll buy Rebecca a thank you gift.

"Just something to show how special that was to us. It was a little thing but a big thing," said Nicole Wilkins.

It was enough to make these women smile again during what had been a very sad holiday season.

"I've become more positive just in the past day just because there are good people out there," said Gonzalez.
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