Woman challenges Tinder users by wearing fat suit

What would you do if you showed up for a date and the person you were meeting was significantly heavier than in their pictures?

According to this social experiment, women would be much more likely to give it a shot. To do this experiment, a group of friends said they hired two attractive actors--one male and one female--and then set them up on dates using the dating app Tinder. The catch? Their profile pictures were real, but on the date, they wore fat suits.

What did the guys do?

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Only one of the five guys stuck around after seeing that his date was heavier than anticipated. Their initial reactions were mostly making comments about her weight and being angry that they were lied to. Their excuses to leave covered everything from "I need to use the restroom" to "I'm actually married."

What would the ladies do?

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The women were confused and hesitant when they first saw their "date," and one made a comment that she was surprised that he claimed to be picky about women. One was angry and disappeared immediately, but the other four stuck around and gave him a shot, even when he was rude.

In addition to the one that didn't finish the date, one turned him down for a second outing. The others either kissed him or made plans to see him again.

The experiment and videos were created by Simple Pickup, a group that provides dating tips and advice for men. They also post a lot of social experiment and prank videos. On their website they explain their mission: "We're a group of 3 regular guys - Jesse, Kong, & Jason, out to show the world that any guy can get a girl, simply by being themselves."

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