Arrest made in Downtown Fresno fatal hit and run

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Police arrested 27-year-old Daniel Ventura after they say he hit and killed a pedestrian in Southwest Fresno. It happened around 6:30 p.m. near Elm and North.

Police said they have very little information about how this crash happened. All they know is that people inside this liquor store heard a noise outside and found a badly injured man lying on the pavement.

The man was rushed to the hospital where he died, but doctors said he had trauma all over his body that appeared to be from a car crash.

It is unclear at this point if he was targeted or accidentally hit but police said the driver took off immediately after the crash.

"The difficult part is that we don't know what occurred prior to the collision, we don't know if there was a disturbance, we simply don't have any witnesses to tell us what occurred," said Lt. Stephen Viveros, Fresno Police.

Police are hoping to get a look at surveillance video from this store but haven't gotten access to it yet.

Police told us the victim, who is in his 40's, could be a transient. Witnesses said they had seen him in the area collecting recyclables before the crash.

Daniel Ventura has been arrested on fatal hit and run charges.
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