Special honor for young boy who saved a life

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Andrew Ramirez and Makayla Annis have never taken their friendship for granted.

"I'm very grateful that this young gentleman saved my life," said Makayla.

Especially since Valentine's Day, when a life-saving experience at St. Anthony's School brought the two even closer together.

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Andrew explains what happened, "I saw Makayla choking and I gave her the Heimlich maneuver."

Since their story aired, rumors have swirled about a budding romance. Both insist that talk is just tabloid gossip.

"Please don't ask that question, that question is going to give us nightmares," said Makayla.

"They kept on saying that we were going to get married so we haven't seen each other since," said Andrew.

Instead, Andrew's focus has been on getting a special Cub Scout award.

Makayla's been secretly helping.

That's why she came out on Monday night, to be part of the surprise for Andrew, as he received the "Life Saving and Meritorious Action Award." It is one of the rarest honors in Cub Scouts.

Andrew has literally been dreaming about receiving it.

"I kept on dreaming that there was a fire and that I saved someone or that someone was cut or dying," said Andrew.

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He says he has a repertoire of other saves he's been working on.

"I'm hoping that everyone will know this move and they can see everyone they see getting hurt," said Andrew.

But that Heimlich maneuver will always hold a special place above his heart.
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