Bill Murray surprises Chicago Cubs fan with extra ticket to World Series Game 6

CLEVELAND -- Bill Murray got a lot of praise Wednesday for the generosity he showed a die-hard Chicago Cubs fan at Game 6 of the World Series in Cleveland.

MLB reports Karen Michel was desperate to get a ticket to the game at Progressive Field Tuesday. After she found out there weren't any tickets available, she turned away from the box office, disappointed.

That's when she spotted the actor and Evanston native. A bit star-struck and a lot curious, she started walking behind him, MLB reports.

Suddenly, Murray turned around and gave her his extra ticket. Not only that - it was a ticket for the seat right next to him - a few rows behind home plate.

"Bill walks by and I kind of walk behind him and all of a sudden he turns around, hands me the ticket, he pushed me in, we opened the door, and I was like, 'God I really appreciate you giving me this ticket.' And he said, 'Not only am I giving you the ticket, you're sitting with me,'" she said.

For the next few hours Murray and Michael watched the Cubs together and talked baseball.

"I asked him what position he played in little league and he said he was a catcher. And he is very knowledgeable because he pointed out a couple of things," she said.

Michel said Murray took dozens of selfies with fans, never once complaining. Michel even offered to buy Murray a beer.

"You know what, he would never let me. The section we were at, there were waitresses and he said, 'Do you want something to eat?" I said no, next thing you know there's a thing of nachos coming," she said.

She has a plan to thank him. It might just take a little time.

"So I'm hoping to send some kind of care box because I'll go down to Chicago to buy some souvenirs when we win the World Series and send it off to him," Michel said.

She also wanted to mention Murray's voicing a character in the Jungle Book movie soon-a little publicity for her new friend.

What a dream for this Cubs fan!
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