Championship week for Fresno State Football team

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- What a year it is been for Fresno State.

Nine wins this season and three trophies: The Valley Trophy against San Jose State, the Old Oil Can against San Diego State and the Milk Can against Boise State this past Saturday. One more trophy and one more win to go that would secure the Mountain West Championship game this Saturday in Boise.

Bulldogs Head Coach, Jeff Tedford said, "All those things you just said, they will never hear in here. they hear that from all of you all the time and so my biggest job is to have them not listen to you all (laughs). I hate to say that, but that's really the truth."

Coach Tedford staying true to form with a laser focus for the Bulldogs ahead of this week's Mountian West Championship game in Boise.

"Of course it's a championship game, so you can't minimize that. there's a lot of excitement and emotion that goes into it but we will make sure our players understand if we do, which is prepare, focus all week long and take one day at a time, it's another football game."

A rematch against the same Broncos team the Dogs just defeated on Saturday in the regular season finale.

"Each week is a new gameplan. it's about execution for whatever they may bring and like I said they are going to make their plays. they are a great football team and hopefully, we make ours and that's what it comes down to," said Tedford.

Kickoff is set for 4:45 Pacific on Saturday.

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