Bulldogs QB battle in spring ball

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The Fresno State Bulldogs ended the first day of spring ball the same way they started it -- without a starting quarterback. (KFSN)

The Fresno State Bulldogs ended the first day of spring ball the same way they started it -- without a starting quarterback. Head coach Tim DeRuyter knows it'll be the number one topic of conversation at spring ball and fall camp.

"That tends to be the question de jour and we had three guys out here competing today. And I like what all three did." said DeRuyter.

The departure of Brian Burrell and the addition of true freshman Chason Virgil, means all eyes will be on these three young signal callers at camp. Virgil is joined by redshirt freshman Kilton Anderson and redshirt sophomore Zack Greenlee. Greenlee started just one game last year and played in three. By default, that makes him the veteran of this trio.

"Obviously, that's kind of different being you know? I'm still a sophomore here. So, being the oldest guy is kind of different. But, you know you've just got to take adversity" said Greenlee.

Greenlee failed to make an impact during his limited playing time in 2014 and admits the speed of the game got to him. He's working to slow things down in 2015. "I mean the speed of the game, that's the biggest transition from high school to college. The speed of the game once you get up here, everyone's flying around you know? Everyone's their best player in their high school. Everyone has the speed. So, that was the biggest transition. Playing in those games helped me understand that speed and get the experience I need." added Greenlee.

"Well, especially the younger guys. It's new for them. Zack's got some experience. But what was good was to see guys learn from their mistakes. See guys get the ball out of their hands in a hurry. I think all three are doing a nice job leading." said DeRuyter.

The starting gig is far from over. Team rules won't allow Freshman to talk to the media until they've played in a game. So for now, Greenlee is the only one able to respond to the pressures of being a highly praised and highly criticized player. "When you have all that on your shoulders, that's kind of what you ask for when you commit to being at a school, to be the quarterback, that's what you already know that's what's coming. So, you've got to be ready for that. And you've just got to have the poise understand that there's going to be good times and it's going to be bad times. But you just have to keep your head high and keep going and learn from it." said Greenlee.
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