Fresno Pacific Hires New Athletic Director

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Fresno Pacific Sunbirds are going with one of their own to lead an athletic program that's been in transition over the past few years. Aaron Henderson returns to his alma mater after spending two years as athletic director of Immanuel High School.

FPU introduced Henderson to the media today in a press conference on campus. He beat out others in a nationwide search for the position and he'll take over a program with 14 sports. The Valley native told Action News he's looking into whether he'll bring back both tennis programs moving forward. Henderson saw Immanuel's rise among the high school ranks in both football and basketball during his two year tenure in Fresno County.

"We feel that we have a lot to offer. We're recruiting some great students. We have a great staff in place. I think that, the more we can continue to excel, not just athletically, but on the global scale. That people are going to want to be interested. Just in this last year, one specific example is John Koretoff, who was with the baseball team. He was globally recognized in the top 10 with a business group that competed across the world. Competed against other Ivy League schools. And his team finished in the top 10. That's something that we pride ourselves on, of not just recruiting good athletes, but overall students," said Henderson.

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